GAU Company

My name is Nadine Freisleben and I am the founder and manager of GAU Company. GAU Company is a vibrating art construct, that consists of constantly changing collaborative artists.

The acronym GAU stands for GenerationAndereUmstände, which means generation of other circumstances. In common parlance it more often stands for größter anzunehmeder Unfall, which means worst case scenario. GAU Company plays with this ambivalence to highlight the polarising pressure in the contemporary social, media and political environment.

The results of the artistic collaborations reflect common thoughts arising from different personal experiences, backgrounds, knowledges or mindsets to the topics in research.

I desire to deliver mindful messages that include every performer´s understanding and support.


Nadine Freisleben opened PopUp Dance Studio: a dance and research center in Charlottenburg Berlin


Artist in Residency- series: Audience, Action!

Performing artists from Berlin have the opportunity to apply for an audience- interactive research period during the artistic residency at Pop Up Dance Studio. This opportunity is ideal for artists who are already working on a project and who want to experiment and research the dramaturgic possibilities within their piece. During 8 weeks and 50 hours the artists can rehearse and research in the studio.

During the stay, the artist has the opportunity to show the ongoing work to an audience twice. At the first performance, the audience becomes the artist's test audience. With the support of the PopUp dance studio, the artist creates a methodically thought-out and creative possibility to have a feedback conversation with the audience. With creative, participatory elements the audience can contribute their thoughts and comments.

This ensures that the artist and audience understand each other, are seen and heard and focus on the same topics. The second performance, later during the residency, shows the elaboration of the work. Perhaps the audience has left some traces in the artist's decision making process.

At the end of the residency, the artist offers the audience a workshop on the theme of his performance.

A presentation of the project (max. 2 pages), all participants and the choreographer/dance company are sufficient as application.

Workshop Afro-Contemporary 4th and 25th October 2020 in Berlin

In the beginning of the class we open the body towards the environment. With improvisation and short phrases we build up strength and balance from the base, the feet on the floor, to the top, the head in the clouds. The training follows the concept of an enrooted flow of movement. The movement quality leaves static forms, softens, yet strengthens the body, through an interplay between contraction and relaxation of the muscles and their pathway into complex movement series. African Dance elements have a high influence on the technic. The body is being structured within it´s weight into the space and connected to the environment. With awareness we loosen up the spine and the neck and strengthen the deep muscles. After we´ve found the permeability of the whole body, the exercises get very physical and energetic, still following the energetic build up. The focus of the dance classes held by Nadine Freisleben is directed towards the natural and instinctive movement repertory of the individual dancer´s body. We research on the capabilities of the body and the mind to move in a non-regimented space. We are getting rid of physical and psychological automatisms and judgements. The technic contains a mix of western contemporary dance, dance acrobatics, floorwork, popping-, and african dance elements and the individual dancer´s body.

Cuerpos en Movimiento - going deeper

In a second residency at centro MB2, from 2nd of February until the 9th of March, Nadine is going deeper into the work "cuerpos en movimiento - going deeper" in Arica Chile.

Upcoming Dates


4th October 2020 Workshop Afro-Contemporary 10 am - 1 pm at Ballettcentrum Berlin, Wilmersdorfer Strasse 92-93

5th October - 7th October 2020 professional training at Tanzbüro Basel CH

12th - 16th October 2020 Profitraining in Freiburg at Tanznetz Freiburg

25th October 2020 Workshop Afro-Contemporary 10 am - 1 pm at Ballettcentrum Berlin, Wilmersdorfer Strasse 92-93


31st October 2020: "Puzzled Piece" WIP at Poetic Halfa at Freudenzimmer Kreuzberg, Berlin

31st October 2020: Poetry-dance Collaboration with Turlach O´Broin at Poetic Halfa at Freudenzimmer Kreuzberg, Berlin

12th November 2020: "Puzzled Piece" WIP at Petersburg Art Space Moabit, Berlin

30th November - 4th December 2020 Residency for "Puzzled Piece"

4th of December 2020 Premier of "Puzzled Piece" at Pole164 in Marseille, France

18/19th of December "Puzzled Piece" at ACUD Theatre Berlin